Who We Are

Irwin John

We are youn company based in Nazaret Illit Israel our main program is called IJ (after the names of Irwin Green and Jonathan Digilov)

We als give programmng service and we are programming people dreams, every thing tat somebody want if it for his Business or for him we will build it ! .

Yan Digilov

Our C.E.O he is the main programmer, Designer and builder, He is also responsible on the majority of the projects !

Our History

2009-10 -

Yan had idea for Artificial Intelligence program.

2010-2012 -

At the beginning Yan started to develop his a.i with a bit help of his friends.

2011 -

Due to time and technical difficulty Yan Continued by himself.

2013 -

Yan met people that pushed him to continue to work on IJ people like Yoram Y.. that told him not to give up

2014 -

Yan opened Start-up Company (IrwinJohn) and giving It and programming service

2015 -

Yan Finished Ij and want to release beta (part of IJ)

2016 -

We developed www.hosting-israel.co.il